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BidSquad is a groundbreaking carbon credit auction platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology and AI to conduct reverse auctions for carbon credit certification.
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Pedro Hagge Baptista
Lyorrei Shono Quintão
Marcelo Gomes Feitoza
Paulo Evangelista
Henrique Lemos

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About Bidsquad

Bidsquad: Revolutionizing Carbon Credit Auctions with Advanced Tech

Welcome to Bidsquad, where environmental conservation meets cutting-edge blockchain technology and AI. Bidsquad is a trailblazing carbon credit auction platform designed to streamline the connection between landowners and carbon credit certifiers. Through its unique integration with Cartesi, Bidsquad introduces a new era of efficiency and transparency to environmental preservation.

Why Bidsquad?

Bidsquad empowers individuals and entities who safeguard green areas within their land to find certifiers for carbon credit assessments through reverse auctions. Landowners initiate auctions, specifying details like area size, duration, and auction end date. Certifiers then competitively bid for certification services, fostering fair competition where the lowest bid wins.

Technical Marvels

Bidsquad's innovations don't stop there. We leverage image recognition and geolocation technology to precisely determine the extent of preserved green areas, ensuring accurate carbon credit token calculation.

Our transparent payment process ensures secure fund handling, guaranteeing that certifiers are paid for their services while returning unallocated funds to auction creators. With blockchain recording every transaction, Bidsquad guarantees security, tamper-proofing, and complete transparency. The platform simplifies complex processes, streamlines transactions, and fosters mutual trust among participants.

Join Bidsquad and contribute to a more sustainable future through dynamic, transparent, and accessible carbon credit auctions.

How it's Made: Architecture Overview

Cartesi Machine

User (Certificator/Landowner)

  • Interacts with the system as Certificator or Landowner


  • Serves as the user interface
  • Allows users to:
    • View all auctions
    • Get bids from an auction
    • Make bids in an auction
    • End auctions (if creator)
    • Create auctions

Cartesi Machine (Smart Contract)

  • Handles auction-related actions:
    • Auction creation
    • Bid submission
    • Auction ending
    • Auction retrieval
    • Bid retrieval
  • Communicates with AI module for auction creation

AI Module

  • Analyzes auction information, including area coordinates
  • Provides insights for auction creation
  • Enhances the creation process within Cartesi Machine


  • Records all transactions and actions
  • Ensures security, tamper-proofing, and transparency

Frontend Updates

  • Receives updated auction and bid data
  • Keeps users informed with the latest information

User Feedback

  • Presents outcomes and feedback through the frontend


Last updated: Oct 20, 2023
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