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Cryptopolis brings back the original city simulator that started it all in 1989 to the crypto era. Build a city using the same game engine but with real economics. SimCity was launched back in 1989 developed by the legendary game designer Will Write. In 2008, the engine C code was ported to C++ and released as free software under the GPL-3.0-or-later license, renamed to Micropolis for trademark reasons.
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Danilo Tuler

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About Cryptopolis

Cryptopolis uses the exact same C++ engine of Micropolis, the open source version of SimCity Classic.

The first step was to build the engine to the RISC-V target architecture, so it can run inside a Cartesi Machine. The code builds successfully unmodified. One small addition to the original code was minimalist Node.js binding for the engine, so it could be used by a Node.js application.

The second step was to developed a Node.js application that uses the engine to run the game simulation as a Cartesi Rollups application. That also includes implementing an integration of the game economy with a ERC-20 token bridged from Ethereum.

The third step was to implement a new Web UI for the game, using a myriad of libraries, like React, Next.js, viem, wagmi, urql, PixiJS, D3, Mantine, and others. The UI includes screens for bridging ERC-20 from Ethereum to power the game economy.

What's next

Cool game that can be polished and deployed to mainnet


Last updated: Mar 9, 2024
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