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A strategic, competitive online game that blends the aesthetics of puzzle game with RPG elements.
In progress - Pre-AlphaGames


Eric Tsai
Eric | Aetheras#2757
Teddy Lee

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About Dazzle

Dazzle (previously Dinder) is a strategic, competitive online game that blends the aesthetics of puzzle games with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful characters battle head-to-head on a shared puzzle board in an attempt to outsmart each other.

Why on-chain?

Our team decided to go on-chain for the benefits of transparency, fairness, and provable RNG.

A follow up to transparency is fairness and data manipulation. PvE (Player versus environment) games might be less problematic, but it will not be acceptable in a PvP (Player versus Player) game like Dazzle.

Finally, Gacha games’ poll rates are completely under developer’s control and players have absolutely no guarantee for fair and provable RNG.

For the above reasons, the Cartesi Machine and Rollups is a great fit for Dazzle’s competitive mode.

Technical Details

The competitive mode of Dazzle will be powered by Cartesi. When the stakes are high for features like online rankings, Cartesi will be able to make sure the games were played fairly.

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