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Tokenize your future with Housy: where real estate and innovation converge.
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About Housy

Welcome to Housy, the groundbreaking platform where real estate and innovation converge to reshape the future of property rental. With the real estate market projected to reach a staggering 5.85 trillion dollars by 2030, Housy is revolutionizing the way properties are rented and managed.

The Challenge

Excessive taxation has long been a burden on landlords and tenants alike, hindering real estate activity and economic growth. High tax rates on rental profits diminish property owners' earnings, discouraging investments and limiting housing availability. This not only affects landlords but also results in higher rents for tenants, particularly in competitive real estate markets. Housy aims to strike a fair balance between taxation and incentivizing rental market investment, promoting a healthier, more accessible real estate ecosystem.

Rent Auctions

Housy introduces Rent Auctions, a novel concept where prospective tenants bid on rental properties. This competitive environment ensures that both tenants and landlords benefit from market-driven rental rates. By connecting individuals directly and encouraging healthy competition, Housy fosters a vibrant ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Taxation Made Simple

With Housy, rental income is taxed according to capital gains taxation rules. This means a fixed Income Tax rate of 15% on the profit obtained in the operation, simplifying the tax process for real estate companies.

Transparency and Credibility

Housy incorporates auctions, providing a transparent and public process for property sales. This enhances the credibility of the platform and fosters trust among investors and buyers. Blockchain technology underpins the entire system, creating an immutable record of all transactions, ensuring the authenticity of asset history.

Maximizing Value

Competitive auctions on Housy maximize the value of auctioned assets. Buyer competition can drive up bids, resulting in higher final prices for sellers on the platform.

How It's Made

Housy is not just an idea; it's a real-world application. Our roadmap includes finance services and AI credit risk analysis. With Cartesi's cutting-edge technology, we're developing our DApp using Python, Rust, and JS, providing flexibility beyond Solidity development.

Join Housy and be part of the future of real estate rentals—where transparency, fairness, and innovation reign.

How it's Made: Architecture Overview



Last updated: Oct 20, 2023
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