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Scam Likely

Scam Likely

Allow a user to "block" an address by adding it/them to a file which lists flagged EVM addresses.
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Marija Stojanovski
Andrea Stojanovski
Victor Stojanovski

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About Scam Likely

Using Cartesi to write a Python script which checks an EVM address. The given address is compared against a file containing a list of previously flagged delinquent addresses. If the address is found, the user is notified, if not, they are prompted to either flag the address or proceed.

How it's Made

Used Cartesi's sample rollup GitHub repo to create and run an example and test our environment. Changes are mostly made to the Python file, examples are found at: The example used was Used Docker (as listed in instructions). Locally and publicly tested code.

Anyone is free to submit information about their project. Do your own research and use your best judgment when using or interacting with any of the projects listed in this directory. Being listed in this directory is not an endorsement from the Cartesi Foundation or any other related entity.

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