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Arena Mayhem

Arena Mayhem

Arena Mayhem is an exciting fighting game that let users craft their own gladiators and join many epic battles by inviting their friends. It's an auto-battler with betting and strategy involved!


João Garcia
Payal Patel
Shaheen Ahmed
Renan Santos

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About Arena Mayhem

In the arena, participants stake ERC-20 tokens (e.g., ETH, APE) as prizes. Battle participants enter, and a Cartesi machine runs an algorithm to create a JSON battle log based on fighters' stats, detailing their actions in each round. The victorious player can then claim the prize.

The choice of Cartesi to run the battle logic is happen beacause the algorithm can be as complicated as the devs want it to be, which could overwhelm the Solidity language.

After the algorithm finishes the calculations and log generation, players can watch their gladiators in action through an animation made with the react frontend, displaying each step of the fighters attacks and the decay of their health throughout the battle.

Once the battle ends, tokens are distributed within the application and can be withdrawn by the winner. Arena Mayhem is your ticket to a world of exciting battles, strategy, and the thrill of victory!

Describe what could be next for your project?

  • Both sides of the battle being able to bet.
  • Multiplayer battle with each player sending a gladiator without leaking information about the character
  • Integration of the front-end with the secondary back-end
  • Gladiators as NFTs
  • New types of weapons
  • Lobby to search for battles
  • Use of custom sprites
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